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Five Pod Modular Type III CNG Transport Trailers – TC/DOT Dual Compliance

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Trailer Chassis

The trailer consists of a single chassis frame, with provisions to bolt down each pod by ISO casting corners and a rear bumper compliant with all relevant regulations.


The trailer assembly consists of the following items. All critical or sensitive equipment on the trailer section is adequately protected against foreign object damage.
  • 51′ x 96″
  • Trailer chassis
  • Five (5) CNG pods
  • Interconnecting piping/header between pods sized to prevent choked flow
  • Single point pneumatic actuation system for operational simplicity – feed from air brake system

CNG Pod Module Specifications

  • CNG Cylinders: Quantity 30
  • Cylinder volume: 275L
  • Special Permits
  • DOT SP # 15136 and 14576
  • TC SU # 11086 and 9686
  • Capacity: 90,122 SCF per pod @ 3,600 PSIG
  • Full Trailer: 450,609 SCF @ 3,600 PSIG
  • Dry Weight: 8,250 to 9,627 lbs
  • Gross Weight with gas: 13,372 lb
  • Frame designed and approved for DOT/TC transport
  • Tube Construction: Aluminum liner with full carbon fiber over wrap (Type III)
  • Frame Construction: Galvanized Steel (ISO 668 & DOT 49 CFR 178.75 (d)(8))
  • Working Pressure = 250 bar (3,600psig)
  • Piping and components designed for 25% overpressure
  • Test Pressure > 375 bar (5,400psig)
  • Burst Pressure > 580 bar (8,350psig)
  • Water Capacity 8,544 liters (301.7ft3)
  • Pod main header 1”
  • Trailer main header 3”
  • Ambient operating temperatures: -40F to 120F

Pressure Reduction

  • Each cylinder has thermally activated ISO 15500 PRD on each side. These will be triggered in the event of a fire, thereby reducing the pressure in the cylinders and reducing the possibility of one or more cylinders rupturing.
  • Trailer emergency air brakes engaged upon connection of instrument air to trailer


  • In the event the PRD systems engage and a number of cylinders begin to vent, the PRD release points tie into a common manifold which vents through an external port on the pod into a safe location.
  • If a system develops a leak from a point other than the PRD system, the pods and trailer assembly are sufficiently vented so that there is no internal buildup of gas or pressure.

Operator Interface

  • Twin hose connections for two-way flow [Fill / Decant] each equipped with a Hanson 1” LL8KHP36 male plug rated for 4,000psig max
  • One (1) manual 2-way valve for pneumatic actuation control of all cylinder head valves, full on vs full off. Automatic engagement of gas flow releases the air brakes
  • Steel cable for static protection connection
  • Enclosed in a protective steel cover to prevent damage to equipment by foreign objects and snow/rain/ice
  • Located at rear driver side corner of trailer to allow for direct line of site between cab and hose connection and optimal access at filling and decant sites.

Call (404) 380-1557