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Choose from a wide variety of used compactors for sale from top providers such as Bomag, Cat, Dynapac, Ingerrsoll-Rand, and more.  The main use of soil compactors is on constructions sites where either sand, mud, or other soil needs to be consolidated by using the heavy compactors to displace air and liquid pockets, so the soil is as compressed as possible.  This helps with the structural integrity of building foundations, roadways, and other construction projects.  When the soil needs to be back filled by a bulldozer or excavator it is placed in layers called lifts.  Rolling compactors can also be equipped with vibrating devices to enhance their effectiveness.  Below are some of heavy soil compactors we offer.

Smooth Wheeled Rollers – These units have both static and vibrating roller wheels.  These are most suitable for soil where crushing is required such as asphalt, crushed rock, and gravel where not a great deal of pressure is required.  These units can weigh from six to ten tons and their efficiency goes up with their weight.  The models with a vibrating wheel can compact at higher depths are can maximize work efforts.

Sheepsfoot Rollers – Sheepsfoot Rollers are most commonly utilized for compacting grained soils such as heavy clay, mud, and silt.  These models also have a vibrating and static rollers. The roller consists of a steel drum that has projecting lugs.  The weight of the drums can be increased by adding water or wet sand.

Pneumatic Rollers – Also referred to as rubber tired rollers these units are most commonly used in pavement subgrade jobs.  They have wheels on both axles and are staggered to make sure the soil is compacted.

Pad Foot Rollers – Also referred to as tamping rollers these heavy machines are best for compacting cohesive soils.  They are replacing Sheepsfoot rollers because they are much more efficient and weigh between 15 and 40 tons.  Both the front and back axles have drums with large lugs which drive the unit.

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