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Choose from a variety of used dozers for sale including top brands such as Cat, Komatsu, and Case.  There are multiple late models available as well as older units, all of which are priced below the competition.  No matter what application you need a bulldozer for we can find the right equipment for your project.  Whether you need a small unit for a farm or a large pusher for construction/mining there are units available.  Below the two main types of dozers to choose from.

Crawlers – Crawlers are your stereotypical bulldozers that have continuous tracks and are used for pushing sand, dirt, and other debris.  Larger crawlers typically have a ripper installed which is a claw like device on the back of the unit used to breakup and crush surfaces making them easier to move.

Wheeled Dozers – These units are much larger and have massive tires to allow them to work in the various environments they are utilized in.  The biggest difference is wheeled dozers have articulated hydraulic steering systems that allow them to turn on a small axis which crawlers cannot do.  These units are typically utilized in large construction projects like stadiums and theme parks.

Take a look at the used bulldozers we have below and if there is a particular unit you’re looking for that is not available please inform us.  We pull in new inventory each week.

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