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Choose from a variety of used excavators for sale.  We carry top brands such as Cat, Hitachi, Komatsu, Volvo, Case and others.  No matter what application you need a digger for we can find the right equipment for your project. Here are some of the types of excavators we carry:

Backhoe – Backhoes are the most common type of excavators.  This is where there is a bucket which functions as a hoe faces the driver and is connected to the boom.  It allows the driver to move soil/earth while having a clear view of the surrounding environment. These are seen at nearly every construction site.  The cabs can rotate 360 degrees.  Some of the most common uses include loading dirt and debris into dump trucks, clearing soil for foundations, and clearing roadway debris.

Dragline – Dragline excavators are typically much bigger than backhoes and used large scale applications such as civil engineering & mining projects.  The majority, but not all, are built on site due to their size.  They typically are so large and heavy that the roads cannot handle their weight.

Suction – Suction excavators also sometimes referred to as vacuum excavators use a water jet and long suction pipe to remove site debris.

Long arm/Long reach-  These excavators are typically used for demolition/destruction tasks because they have exceedingly long booms to allow for a safe distance between the operator and structure being torn down.

Take a look at the inventory we have below and if you’re looking for something that you don’t see give us a call as we always have new inventory coming in.

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