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Used and new propane tank trailers for sale. Countryside, Lubbock, Lox, and other propane tankers available. Propane tankers are always comprised of steel and range from 7,000 19,300 US gallons in size. Some of the cargo tanks use heat-treated steel that has been through a heat-treating process called quenching and tempering (QT). This process typically produces a lighter tank than a tank made from non-quenched and tempered (NQT) steel. These tanks typically have a working pressure of 250-265 PSI (pound per square inch). The trailer will either be shaft or hydraulic driven and the pump will either be three or four inches. These trailers are outfitted with large plates mounted inside the cargo tank that are cross-shaped, circular, or rectangular and prevent liquid from sloshing. They are not effective at prevent side to side motion or preventing vehicle rollover. Standard loads include propane, anhydrous (NH3), butane, and other natural gases.

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