Cranes For Sale

Barrgo offers a wide variety of used cranes for sale from top providers such as Grove, Manitowoc, Terex, Kobelco, National, and more. Cranes have a wide assortment of setups and are equipped with differing hoist ropes, hooks, wires, chains, sheaves, and more. We have inventory in multiple states and also have the means to get a crane moved or exported when needed. Below are the types of used cranes we have for sell and while the majority are mobile cranes we also sell fixed cranes.

Truck Mounted Cranes – These units are as the name indicates mounted to the back of a truck. They have outriggers that extend either vertically or horizontally for stabilization. The biggest perk of this type of crane is that it can typically drive on the highway so it’s easy to move from site to site.

Crawler Cranes – Crawler Cranes are mounted on a set of tracks similar to a bulldozer and these track provide a great deal of stability. The major advantage of these types of units is they do not require outriggers because they are already stable and they can traverse soft ground such as construction sites.

Telescope Cranes – The unique piece of telescope cranes is the boom. These units have a boom that consists on tubes fitting inside one another with a hydraulic mechanism that drives the extension and retraction of the arm. They are most commonly used to on smaller jobs like offloading pallets of bricks and installing frame trusses.

Rough Terrain Cranes – These cranes are designed for off road applications where many other models may have mobility issues. They have four rubber tires and utilize a single engine so that both the crane and the undercarriage have the same power source.

Some other cranes that we carry are side-lifters, pick & carry, all terrain, railroad, floating, tower, jib, and more. Let us know if the crane you’re looking for is not below and we can help you locate it.

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