About Barrgo

Barrgo specializes in equipment procurement within the transportation industry. Our concentration lies in tank trailers, tank trucks, and tractors but we have experience with all types of equipment.

By using economic insights and industry related data to stay ahead of market fluctuations we have developed a proven methodology to acquire equipment, where by which, both the buyer and seller come out ahead in any dealings.

We have worked with companies looking to offload their whole fleet to individuals who are moving a single piece of equipment and therefore take on jobs of any caliber.

Throughout the equipment transaction there are a number of tedious processes, that when performed incorrectly, costs both parties time and resources. Barrgo employs experienced professionals who know what paperwork is needed, how to get equipment to its destination, and how to negotiate the other mechanisms of a deal to ensure it goes as smoothly as possible.

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Chamblee, GA 30314
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