Transportation Equipment Terms

Baffles - Placed inside tanks to prevent the direct motion of liquid within the tank. When a truck hauling highly viscous material comes to a halt the liquid in the tank generates a great deal of force. To distribute the force more evenly and transfer less energy to the rig, these large holed plates or cages will slow the flow of liquid.

Liner - tank lining protects steel, stainless steel and aluminum tanks and tanker trailers from corrosive materials. Many tankers will haul solvents and hydrochloric acid concentrations greater than 20 percent in which a liner is an absolute necessity.

Skully - A system that provides overfill protection, as well as grounding verification for tank trucks and rail tank cars that carry/haul petroleum and liquid chemicals. Sensors for the system provide automatic and continuous self-checking circuitry.

Pump - Mechanism for dispensing, mixing, blending, recirculating, and transferring heavy, viscous materials liquids from the tanks. The material the pump is made out of depending on what material it will be utilized with. For example, a stainless steel pump is necessary when working with aggressive chemicals, or contaminant sensitive liquids.

Vapor Recovery - Vapor recovery systems are comprised of a scrubber, compressor, and switch, which recover vapors from fuels to make sure they do not escape into the atmosphere. The vapor recovery unit will compress the gas into usable product.